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My crafting journey began as a child when playing meant jumping into my bead box and picking up bits and bobs to create unique pieces for my family members (including, one perhaps angry doggo). I grew up surrounded by art and as a child spent hours colouring old architectural plans and watching wooden furniture being handcrafted. Over the years my hobby grew into a more informed interest, and I started collecting diverse materials—blocks, beads stamps, hooks, wires, and threads—from flea markets, local fairs, and quaint little shops I stumbled upon while travelling. 
I began my hardcrafting journey by designing for a cause. My first collection was a set of bookmarks designed to raise funds for an animal welfare NGO I was working with. With this project, I made myself a permanent seat at the design workbench, pliers at the ready! ​
My crafting inspiration comes from everything I see around me, from the folds of a well draped saree to uniquely shaped leaves and petals, art on walls and trucks, the ghungroos of dancers, and the unique materials themselves. 
I go where my inspiration leads me, bend wires, mix materials, embellish, and watch a truly unique piece come together. The most creatively satisfying and joyful moment of my work.
Ami Mane Jewellery & Accessories is me sharing that joy with you and bringing you into my design space. Explore and select something unique that speaks to you.

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